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San Francisco & Marin County – Northern California

Amy Osborn – Owner &  Placement Consultant



Hi, my name is Amy Osborn. I am a mother of two young boys and owner of Genuine Nannies. I have been successfully matching local families with qualified nannies for over 7 years. I started Genuine Nannies in 2007 and since then I have have been lucky enough to meet some really wonderful people along the way! As a mother, and former professional nanny for over 8 years, I understand that a great nanny is not just someone that satisfies the hours and days of the week, but someone that grows with your family. I truly understand what it takes to have the best interest of the family in mind. I have a caring approach and can work with any parent whether they are a stay at home parent, first time parent, or have very specific needs. Over the years I have matched hundreds of nannies and families and I look forward to each and every family meeting. I want parents to know that whatever their questions may be or their personal experience looking the right fit, that I am here to help and make it an easy and stress free process.

Peninsula & South Bay – Northern California

Adrianna Wilson – Placement Consultant


Peninsula_South_Bay_NanniesHello! My name is Adrianna Wilson and I am the Personal Placement Consultant for the Peninsula and South Bay. The San Francisco Bay area has been my home for the past decade and during my time in this amazing area I have been working as a Household Management Specialist and nanny. My unique experience with many diverse and wonderful families has afforded me a wealth of insight into the family dynamic. Children have always held a special place in my heart and I fully believe that they thrive in an environment of love and compassion. I strive to have a keen awareness of what families desire in a nanny, so that I may offer guidance and support in the relationship building process. Open communication between the family and nanny is truly the key to a successful partnership. I love helping families find exceptional care. I held very high standards for myself as a professional caregiver, and expect that any genuine nanny is nothing less than spectacular!

San Francisco & East Bay – Northern California  

Marie Mouat – Placement Consultant


Marie Mouat

Hi families and nannies! My name is Marie. I am the Personal Placement Consultant for ‘Part-Time’ Nannies in San Francisco. Blessed to be the mother to a busy three year old, and a former professional nanny with 11 years experience, I truly understand the needs of both working parents and nannies. I am an advocate for nanny profession- dedicated to understand the specific ingredients needed to craft the most ideal partnership. It is my goal to successfully match nannies with families who can grow together in a positive and fulfilling working environment. I am honored to play a part in such a rewarding career.