About Genuine Nannies

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Our Philosophy

I started Genuine Nannies in 2007 from a simple idea. I wanted to improve the way parents and nannies were matched in the community. I had been a nanny and worked through a large bay area agency before starting a family of my own and now I found myself needing help. I had tried community list serves, local mothers groups for referrals and even sites which promised a match through their database but what I found was a disconnect. The experience I was having was frustrating and time consuming and I knew there was a better way more personal way to connect people. 

I wanted to find a caregiver in a way that made sense and to me and that meant taking a caring and personalized approach.  By getting to know each individual family and nanny and truly understanding what they are looking for, I knew that I could  help them through the process to make a strong connection that would last.  

I feel fortunate to work with a team of local women who feel the same way. We all work together to make a difference and to put a positive and stress-free experience on helping families and nannies to find each other.

Our Process:

We tailor our search based on your family’s dynamics,  personality and specific needs. All of our searches include 5-step placement process. We offer a personal and unique perspective when finding the perfect nanny for your family. Our in-home meeting is such an important part of what we do. There is no better way for us to find exactly who you are looking for than to meet your family in person. After the in-home meeting your will receive detailed nanny profiles of candidates that we have selected especially for you. We do all the work so that you can have peace of mind knowing that you will be matched with a great nanny.

  1. Private in-home meeting
  2. The search and 6-point screening process
  3. Interviews and working trial
  4. Negotiations and detailed Work Offer 
  5. On board and follow-up care

Our Nannies:

All our nannies are selected by us through a series of screening check points. We don’t carry a pool of outdated nannies as we work with the best and most current nannies available.  We choose nannies who fit the criteria we discussed during our initial in-home meeting.  We don’t send you multiple candidates that are sent from a computer data base search, each nanny is selected specifically for your family.    

  1. Over the phone screening
  2. Written interview
  3. In-person interview
  4. Reference checks
  5. Document and vaccination verifications
  6. Two comprehensive background checks

Why Genuine Nannies:

  • Our nannies are personally interviewed by your local consultant and fit the mold of a Genuine Nanny.
  • All of our nannies are rigorously screened and background checked through Trustline Registry.
  • We are committed to working with you start to finish and will assist you with any post-hire needs.
  • We personally come to your home to assess your families needs to find the best possible fit.
  • Our Nanny Profiles will allow you to always know who is showing up at your doorstep to interview.
  • We are flexible with your needs and can work with your specific childcare requirements.  
  • We are true partners throughout the search process, even after the relationship is well established.
  • We don’t believe in percentage based fees, we are in line with your best interest at heart.

Your Perfect Nanny:

  • Someone who genuinely loves children and is committed to working with children wholeheartedly.
  • Someone who takes initiative in understanding your child or children’s individual needs.
  • Someone who is relentlessly safety conscious, proactive, consistent, reliable and trustworthy.
  • Someone who not only meets each of your requirements in a nanny but exceeds your expectations.
  • Someone who has a good sense of themselves, is easy to communicate with and loves to smile.

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