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Alicia Photo

Meet Alicia!

“I am an energetic and outgoing nanny with a B.A. in Child Development and 5 years of professional experience. I am certified in Pediatric CPR and First Aid. I consistently provide child-centered and age-appropriate care for children of all ages, but the majority of my experience is with children between the ages of two and five. I love working with parents to provide the best type of care, support, and encouragement they desire for their unique and wonderful children.”


Lay-Lay Photo #2

Meet Lay-Shrean!

“Hi families! I am a reliable, industrious, positive attitude individual who has made nannying my career. Because I am passionate about children and the profession! I am pediatric and adult CPR, AED and First Aid certified and my immunizations are up to date. As a career nanny, I make sure to complete every task asked of me to the exact perfection. I have been a nanny for almost 9 years now. “


Victoria photo 2

Meet Tori!

“My friends and family would say I have a bubbly personality. As a nanny I am authentic, patient, nurturing, and fun! I understand when to be serious and when to enjoy. I am always willing to help and go above and beyond the call of duty- when I am in, I am all in. One of the greatest lessons my parents taught me was the value of hard work. Thomas Edison said it best, “There is no substitute for hard work”.”



Meet Grace!

“I have lot of experience working with different kinds of families and households. A hugely important thing that determines whether it will be a good match is communication. The parents and nannies need to support each other. They need to have open conversations about goals and expectations so that if or when an issue arises, all of the adults in the situation can work together to accomplish the same goals. If both nanny and the parents are 100% open and clear about this, then there will be a really productive and great match.”


Chelsea photo #3

Meet Chelsea!

“I grew up moving between Guam, Samoa, Central America, and several places in the US including Maine; so I have a deep love for travel and learning about other cultures. I love spending time outdoors, and enjoy going to the beach, hiking, camping and paddleboarding. In my down time, I love reading, I specifically enjoy feminist literature, sociological research, and memoirs, and have an interest in documentaries, and stand up comedy. Right now, I am enjoying all of the restaurants, museums, and culture that the Bay Area has to offer.”


Melany #3

Meet Melany!

” I am a 27 year old Nursing student. I currently attend City College of San Francisco. I have many years of experience working as a nanny. The children I have taken care of range from newborn to about 8 years old. I have all of my vaccines up to date and I am infant/child/adult CPR certified. Children are like a sponge they say, so I try my best to be the type of person where children can look up to me by being a good role model. “