A Nanny’s Perspective: Why I chose to be a Nanny

by Diane Williams

As a child I often found myself playing house with dolls and stuffed animals, taking the time to lovingly tuck them into their beds and dispel any quarrels or complaints they may have had. The idea of taking care of someone tinier than me, to make sure they were well loved and safe was something I felt strongly about from a young age. Choosing the occupation of being a nanny has always been appealing to me, as I truely believe the nurturing instinct is something I was born with, and have been fortunate enough to use in my profession. While I will someday have my own family to raise and love, nothing gives me greater pleasure than the bonds I have created not only with the children I nanny for, but the parents as well. Nannying is not just a job, it’s a chance to be part of a child’s life, and to inspire and cultivate a harmonious environment in which they can develop.

The job is filled with both great enjoyments and challenging trials, both of which create a ever changing atmosphere where both the children and myself can grow and thrive. I decided to be a nanny because I believe children should be allowed to explore, make mistakes and be innovative. These traits are something that my parents and caregivers growing up help me achieve, and I want to pass them on to another generation. Being a nanny is not always the easiest occupation, and long hours and unforeseen circumstances are normal quandaries in this line of work, but I welcome the chance to practice my patience, understanding and flexibility. I’ve learned so much from the children I’ve worked with along the years, but most importantly I’ve gleened that with a little ingenuity and a lot of laughter, life is made to be enjoyed. You’re never too old to stop learning and loving, both reasons why I’m glad I’m a caregiver.