Our Genuine Nannies

Nanny Vanessa with little Oliver!

Nanny Vanessa with little Oliver!

About our placement process:

A typical “Nanny Agency” will send you several nanny candidates from their database or pool of candidates without taking the time to get to know you and your family’s specific needs and expectations. All of our candidates are personally selected by either me, Adrianna, or Grace who have years of experience working with families.  We treat the matching process as we would want for ourselves.  We work very closely with our nannies and families to help them find the perfect fit for everyone.

You will always know who is coming to your door, because we have personally pre-screened each nanny based on our private meeting.  The nannies we choose for your in-home interviews are picked based on your familiy’s unique needs, personalities and dynamics.  We truly believe there is a perfect fit for everyone. Finding you the perfect nanny is our sole focus!

Our screening process:

Each nanny is pre-screened and completes a phone as well as an in-person interview.  We check each candidates’ references and require that they pass two stringent background checks including Trustline Registry.  Trustline is the gold standard of background checks for the childcare industry.  In addition, each candidate has a secondary background check done before they enter your home for a working interview.

How we meet our nannies:

Our nannies come from a variety of sources which include referrals from our current clients, our nannies and our own growing network.  Many nannies seek out our services to help them find a job because they were referred to us by another parent or nanny.  Nannies also find us on Yelp and choose to work with us because of our reputation.  Additionally, we recruit at local colleges and through internet sources.  Some of our wonderful nannies we have met at local libraries, parks and childcare related establishments!  Whether you are a family or a great nanny, Genuine Nannies is ready to help make a connection.

All our nannies meet the below minimum requirements:

  • Previous and relevant work as a nanny or childcare provider
  • At least 21 years of age 
  • The legal right to work in the US
  • Current CPR certification
  • Excellent applicable references and documentation
  • A minimum of 3-5 years of nanny experience
  • All current vaccinations *if applicable
  • Proof of clean DMV driving record, registration and insurance *if applicable
  • Willing to be background checked through Trustline.org

Here is a look at some of our favorite Nannies!

Meet Marni Kent:

Placed through Genuine Nannies in 2011

2002’s Nanny of the Year

Marni started her nanny career in 1986.  She is a career nanny with over 27 years of service, and she currently resides in San Francisco, California. She has held jobs as a household nanny and baby nurse. She currently travels frequently with her executive employer and infant charge. She is the 2002 International Nanny Association’s Nanny of the Year. She authored the INA Mentor/Protege program, chaired INA mentor program, She is active in the nanny community and has spoken at the Denver Area Nanny Conference, INA conference, and Nannypalooza; written a column with INTL Guild Of Butlers, Careernanny.com, Be The Best Nanny newsletter, a sponsor for INA conferences, NNTD, NAN.

Meet Vanessa:

Placed through Genuine Nannies in 2011

(Pictured above)

Vanessa was hired with her family over 2 years ago.  Since then she has become a part of their family and has taken care of Oliver since he was a newborn!  Vanessa is passionate about her art and working with children.  She has also helped Genuine Nannies match two other amazing nannies with families.  She is truly appreciated and we feel lucky to have her.