Referral Fees

Genuine Nannies believe that percentage based fees can create a conflict of interest when finding the best fit for your family.  Local “Nanny Agencies” typically charge 16-18% of the nanny’s 1st year earnings which can really add up! That is why we charge a one-time flat rate referral fee. You know exactly how much you are paying and it doesn’t depend on the nanny’s annual salary. Average full-time referral fees with other agencies typically start at $6000 but can exceed $10,000.  As your consultant, we are able to offer flexibility and affordable rates without outrageously inflated fees.  We personalize each search for every family we meet to make sure it is a perfect fit, not just another interview.  We do not keep an outdated pool of nannies.  We send the best and most highly qualified nannies to your home.

Full-Time Nanny: $5650 (30 hours per week or greater)
Part-Time Nanny: $3650 (fewer than 29 hours per week)
Temporary Nanny or Doula Search: $1200 (30-90 days)
In-Network Sitter or Doula Referrals: $350 (from our trusted network)
Live-in or Nanny Share Matches: $5650 (live-in & nanny/share referrals)
Executive Package: (See below) 16% of the nanny’s 1st. yr. salary

* Executive Package: For families looking for robust coverage. Coverage includes one temporary nanny, their long-term nanny placement and up to 4 back up or on call sitters at your request throughout the year.

It’s easy!  When a client decides to employ a nanny referred by the agency, a one-time referral fee is due. The amount of the fee will depend on the nature and duration of the employment arrangement. A non-refundable deposit of $350 is required to register with Genuine Nannies and is due at the time of your in-home consultation.  The deposit will be deducted from the remainder of your referral fee.

One-year guarantee:  In the rare event that a nanny’s employment is terminated in the first year, you will receive a credit to apply toward your next search.  The credit will start at 75% of the initial referral fee and is prorated depending on the duration of the nanny’s employment.  

Tax help:  Additionally, clients can opt for peace of mind of knowing that all the legal and tax issues of hiring a nanny or other household employees are complete.  Genuine Nannies offers a referral to our trusted partner, GTM who can provide a comprehensive Legal, Tax and payroll Package.